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Analog and Mixed Signal

  • Bandgap references: High voltage, low voltage, curvature corrected, high PSR, sub-bandgap
  • LDO’s: External cap and capless
  • DCDC: Low frequency for fixed application, high frequency for tiny PCB footprint. Buck, boost, flyback, buck/boost. voltage mode, current mode
  • Oscillators: XTAL, relaxation, ring, low phase noise
  • Amplifiers: Opamps, OTA’s, low noise, offset compensated, instrumentation
  • Data Converters: Flash, successive approximation, Nyquist
  • Class D: analog and all digital solutions
  • Analog modeling: Verilog-A and AMS
  • Troubleshooting: Got a chip or IP that isn’t working? We can help

High Voltage Design

  • BCD: 12V to 100V
  • Class D: H-bridge power amplifiers
  • DCDC: Complete power solutions to 100V. Single phase and multiphase soltions
  • Motor control
  • Voltage regulation: Linear and switched – DCDC and charge pump


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